OPEL FRONTERA A - BAD HEAD GASKET -part 2 ( Removing lines between injector pump and injectors)

After removing intake and exhaust manifold and turbocharger, I needed to remove lines between the injector pump and the injectors, and after that the filter with its mount.

Removing injector lines

On the picture above, you can see where the removed lines were, which I removed by using wrench because the line connections on the injector pump and injectors are made by nuts.

Disconnecting injection pump
After removing the lines, I protected the injection pump and injectors connections (holes) by using fingertips from rubber gloves. I protected those things because I didn't want anything to go in, like dirt or other unwanted things that could harm injector pump.

Before I could commit myself to work with the cylinder head, final thing that I needed to do, was removing the filter. There were two bolts holding the filter to the head. Next picture shows where those bolts where.

Removing filter mount

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