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Opel Frontera A 2.3 TD - Cylinder Head Disassembly - Part2 (Camshaft removal)

I started to disassemble cylinder head and the first thing i did, I removed the camshaft. So, in this post I'll shortly describe how the job was done.

Opel Frontera 2.3 TD Camshaft removal - bolt tightening sequence

To remove the camshaft from Opel Frontera 2.3 TD cylinder head you need to remove the bolts that are holding the camshaft by it's pedestals on cylinder head and you must follow the same procedure as for cylinder head removal from the engine, which i described in one of previous posts.

On the previous picture you can see the sequence for tightening the bolts that are holding camshaft, so you need to go in reverse order to the shown sequence and be careful like i wrote before. (Each camshaft pedestal has two bolts.)

While removing the camshaft from cylinder head I was very careful not to let the pedestals slide from the camshaft, so when I decide to assemble everything back I will have everything as it was. (Camshaft pedestals can easily slide from the camshaft because everything is oiled up.)

To be sure that pedestals will stay on their positions I wrapped everything with some masking tape and plastic wrap, as shown on the next picture.

Next part of job is to remove the valves from cylinder head, so I will write short description about the work in next post.

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